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Harrow School Yearlings C vs  Dulwich College
On: Saturday, 24 Sep 2016
Venue: at Home

A great improvement in our rucking and commitment to the breakdowns led to a convincing victory.

Tries: Woods (2), Hagg-Davies (2), Morgan, Cullen

After spending the entire week working on rucking and breakdowns it was great to see commitment and actual driving over the ball, despite having almost lost my voice shouting "Drive over" from the sidelines. Our forwards also played convincingly, and actually turned over most opposition scrums. They also worked on clearing a channel to send the ball out to the backs, whose pace was too much for Dulwich to deal with on this occasion. Dulwich's pack was definitely larger, but low, tight scrums helped to drive them back from most encounters. Our backs were supplied with plenty of nice passes from our 9/10, and maximised on most occasions.

However, there is still much to work on. After about 20m into the match, I had lost count of the number of dropped balls and poor passes, without which our score would have been significantly higher. That is what we will focus on next week. Solving one problem at a time seems to be the way this term is going so far, and it has produced some solid results. However, against stronger teams, these kind of slip-ups will be heavily punished, so our work has just begun tightening up our shipment from the breakdown.

Overall a pleasing result, great commitment from the forwards, (mostly) good shipment out to our wings, and finally some solid drives over rucks. Well done boys, it was nice to see.