Action Photos
Harrow School Yearlings C vs  Wellington College
On: Saturday, 26 Nov 2016
Venue: Away

"A great match that came down to the final penalty kick to nudge Wellington ahead 18-1"

Tries: Esposito, Hattersley

This was a great match that had all supporters and coaches from both sides biting their nails to the final whistle. It was end-to-end for the first 10 minutes, with both sides showing great distribution like a well-oiled machine. The rucks were well-fought from both sides, some intelligent kicking, and some fluid passing. Wellington nudged ahead but Harrow came straight back into it after some tactical substitutions. Wellington put another one over the line 5 minute later and again, Harrow came straight back. This repeated again to make it 15-15 for the last 10 minutes of the game before Harrow gave away a penalty which Wellington decided to kick for three points in the final seconds of the game. A solid performance, and a great game for the spectator.