Action Photos
Harrow School Yearlings D vs  Wellington College
On: Saturday, 22 Apr 2017
Venue: Away

Won by 153

Harrow 198-5

Wellington 45 all out

Wright 59

Leo Wright boldly stepped forth to face his opposite man and won the first toss of the season. He confidently elected to bat and sent in the Yearlings D equivalent of a Heskey and Owen strike force in Glynn and Carver. Glynn played himself in well but was given out somewhat harshly by the Harrow umpire. Carver looked calm and composed but was unfortunately run out trying to steal yet another quick single. The third umpire might have had something to say about the decision but unfortunately it was his day off today. Callum Lloyd came in and hit a quick 29, he built a good partnership with Wright who went on to make 59 off 50 balls. A top start from the young Elmfieldian. The last son of the Llwellen-Palmer dynasty came in and scored a useful 19. Yardly scored 20 (roughly the same number of questions he asks per hour) and was joined by Wen who proved himself to be a boundary specialist with a pacey 23.

The tea break yielded an excellent spread and exceptional hospitality. Greg 'Thew Effect's' favourite sandwich was the tuna and SMS enjoyed the fruit pot on offer but was unfortunately ambushed by a Wellington parent midway through his cup of tea.

Wellington appeared somewhat fearful of the mountainous score they faced. Harrow went about their business in a positive and encouraging manner. Prasad was bowling line and length and giving the batsman few opportunities. The fielding was on point throughout. Yardly got 3 wickets (one was a hit wicket). Prasad 2, Wright 1 and Maydon 1. Maydon's overs were rather lengthy as his run up is longer than Courtney Ambrose. This coach wonders whether it is allowed to start your run up outside the boundary?

Nevertheless an excellent start to what promises to be a good season for this young team.