Action Photos
Harrow School 5th XI vs  St Paul's School
On: Saturday, 18 Mar 2017
Venue: Away

A close battle against a powerul side, with a penalty determining the fixture's fate 2-1 in our favour.

The 5th XI had to adjust their playing style at St Pauls, to cope with the reduced-size pitch they had been allocated. Lots of close passes and through balls had to be used to try and separate the defence. Tumi Amaludun broke through the back four to slot in a well-placed goal after 15 minutes, but we then switched off and let them break through our midfield repeatedly, which lead to the equalising goal.

With 10m to go, the man-of-the-match Tapp took a penalty after a St Paul's handball in their own box, and slotted it in the top corner to leave the home side a little deflated. A sad way to win a match admittedly, but we just had the edge on them for most of the match. Nice to finish with a win for many of the boys' last soccer fixture for Harrow before their departure at the end of the year. Well done boys!